About the Author

KathleenWe can learn a lot about Boston while exploring the Charles River that flows through the city and into the harbor. As with many population centers that develop along a waterway, the story of Boston is inextricably linked with events along the Charles. The river changed along with the needs of the people. The fishing of the early inhabitants of the region was followed by the commerce of the new Americans, as they established a growing number of homes and businesses along the shore. The waterpower of the river ran the engines of an industrial revolution while providing transportation for a growing commerce. When the people needed respite, they turned to the river for relaxation and recreation.

A former English and library teacher, Kathleen Rowe loves exploring the Charles River while photographing, researching and writing about the different areas of this ever-changing waterway. She has also participated in environmental activities such as river cleanups, stream surveys, climate change programs, and the establishment of a community farm.